Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Migrating Server 2003 Scheduled Tasks into Server 2008

Log onto new 2008 server and open task scheduler

Action> Connect to another computer> input 2003 server

Click on Task Scheduler Library. You will probably receive an error that the service is not available… just click Task Scheduler Library a couple more times till it populates

Click on the job to export (cannot select multiples at once) > click on Actions>Export

Export to a temporary location

Repeat as necessary till all jobs you need are exported

Close Task Scheduler

Reopen Task Scheduler

Click on Actions> Import Task

Browse to your temporary location> Select the Job you want to import> click OK

You may have to change credentials or paths as necessary and OK to save and close the imported task

Repeat as necessary till all jobs are imported

Note: If migrating tasks remember to disable\enable as soon as you export or import to avoid duplicate tasks running simultaneously.

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