Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syspine Response Point – DOS-A50 Wipe Factory Reset

Problem:  You have to wipe a Syspine base unit of ALL DATA

Solution: Resetting DOS-A50 Defaults

To reset the factory defaults, delete all voicemail, and purge error logs, perform the following steps:

   1. Insert the Installation CD provided. The Auto-run Interface starts automatically and the following screen displays.

   2. Click Manuals and open the Utilities folder.

   3. Copy the ResponsePointEraseData.exe file to an empty USB flash drive.

IMPORTANT! The USB flash drive must be empty for recovery purposes.

   4. Insert the USB key in to the USB port on the DOS-A50 after they Base Unit says "System Ready" 

   5. When the activity light on the USB key stops blinking, the process is complete.

  NOTE: This process can take more than 30 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of data removed.

   6. If the recovery fails, plug the USB key into a PC and open the Response-PointEraseData.txt file. Take any corrective action indicated in text file and repeat the recovery process starting from Step 1.

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

Syspine Response Point – Modify the Gateway Module (DHCP)

If you have a base unit not using the gateway module this is how to turn it off: (if not it gives out DHCP…)

Using the buttons on the LCD panel:

   1. Press and hold [Enter] button until the display show ?LINE MODULE 1?

   2. Press [Down] button 2 times until it show ?SECURITY GATEWAY?

   3. Press [Enter] button

   4. Press [Down] button 2 times until it show ?SG MODULE ENABLE?

   5. Press [Right] button to change enable to disable

   6. Press and hold the [Enter] button until it show ?SYSTEM REBOOTING??

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

Syspine Response Point – Base Unit Swap Instructions

First Create a backup of the defective unit by logging into the console (note the OS#) and clicking on the base unit tab and select backup.

Next check for IP schema: Verify IP and check DHCP server for possible reservation for base unit so new unit can be reassigned same IP.

Note: You can click on IP and arrow buttons on front panel of base unit for IP info.

Disconnect and place new unit. If OS version matches you will be able to restore. To restore restart response point admin > accept license> log onto console> change password>click on base unit tab> and select restore. (note the restore options) If not you do not have a matching OS and/or admin console version you will not be able to logon to console or restore.

You may have to upgrade old unit to restore backup

Go here for release as of today:

After restoring base unit you will need to redirect the clients one at a time and if necessary upgrade their response point interface as well.

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

Syspine Response Point–Call Drops After One Ring

Problem: Syspine Response Point Phone system dropping or not routing calls depending on source

Example: A call from Verizon goes through the system properly, but went to automated receptionist first. If I dialed from ATT it goes straight to everyone (100) and loses the call after 1 ring.

If you go into call history you can confirm that:


Solution:  Comparing the lines I found those going to everyone (100) failed. However if I set them as (not assigned) they worked and routed the calls properly.


The problem is related to DID straight to Everyone (100). We tested the phone routing to other DID’s and without the Everyone (100) in place and all works great unassigned.

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trend Agent Force Removal without Password

Problem: You have a PC running a Trend Corporate Client\Server Security Agent and when you try to uninstall it you are prompted with a password that you don’t have so cannot uninstall.

Solution: Trends website is actually very informative when trying to work through issues like this. Here are 2 links I would recommend. They include step by step instructions and links to the tools you need. Start with the first one then if that does not work try link and tool number 2.

1) Remove standard WFBS-SVC agents using the link below:

2) Remove these additional WFBS agent versions using the link below: