Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syspine Response Point–Call Drops After One Ring

Problem: Syspine Response Point Phone system dropping or not routing calls depending on source

Example: A call from Verizon goes through the system properly, but went to automated receptionist first. If I dialed from ATT it goes straight to everyone (100) and loses the call after 1 ring.

If you go into call history you can confirm that:


Solution:  Comparing the lines I found those going to everyone (100) failed. However if I set them as (not assigned) they worked and routed the calls properly.


The problem is related to DID straight to Everyone (100). We tested the phone routing to other DID’s and without the Everyone (100) in place and all works great unassigned.

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

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