Thursday, December 6, 2012

Veeam Backup Failure: Task failed Error: Object server not found


I have seen this happen if the link between Veeam and the Host is failing for some reason. Of course this assumes the VM still exists on the host.

To resolve open virtual machines or Infrastructure

Expand your VMWare vSphere Host

Right Click on the Host and select Properties.

Run through Next, Next, Next so it reconnects

Retry your backup job

If it fails again follow steps above but this time re-enter the password

Run through Next, Next,… so it reconnects

Retry your backup job

Veeam 6.1 and 6.5 Changing Vpower NFS path


Create a folder in the new location then open the Veeam Console

Open your Infrastructure

Go to Backup Repositories

Highlight your Default Repository

Right click and Select Properties

Next through till vPower NFS section

Type in the new location path you created in the “Folder” field and select “Next”

Uncheck move existing jobs

Next, Next,…. Finish and your NFS path is now relocated and it automagically restarts the services so it is ready to use.