Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fortigate Firewall Basic Setup Steps

Plug the router into your PC using the LAN port

Setup your internal network card to use static IP

Access the Fortigate using the IP

Username is Admin password is blank

Once you are logged on start the Wizard on the top right and follow the prompts:


Once you have configured the base settings including your internal IP and external IP you will be prompted for a Virtual IP. This is for routing an external IP to an Internal IP. You can use the wizard or add it later using the “Firewall Objects” ” Virtual IP” “Virtual IP” as shown in the example below:


In the example above the External IP is going to the internal IP the “SBS” server

Note: for the internal and external address range if just one IP only enter address in first field leave end of range blank.

You will likely need to restart the device at this point after saving your settings and change your IP as necessary to reach the revised firewall address.

Below is an Example of my “System” “Network” “Interface” after configuration.

Note: I disabled Guest Wifi.


Below is an Example of my “System” “Network” “Routing” after configuration.


DHCP is located in “System” “Network” “DHCP Server” as shown below:


Below is an Example of my “Firewall Objects” Virtual IP“ “Virtual IP” after configuration:


Below is an Example of the policies for port enabling. Source is ALL and destination is the “Virtual IP” device you defined, in my example “SBS” this is setup in “Policy” ”Policy“:


Note: Check for Firmware Updates and Register your device!

Email Reverse DNS checkup

Problem: email is being rejected by recipient server due to DNS mismatch

Solution: Confirm Reverse DNS is configured

Go to and select SPF records

Then enter in ptr:(your external IP) for example ptr: as shown below:


Click “SPF Record Lookup”

And you should see the following with your domain name listed. If it is not Contact your ISP and ask them to create an RDNS record for you.


Reconfirm the RDNS record was changed and propagated by repeating steps above.