Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Office 365 Missing Email in Outlook

Depending on your GPO or other settings you may not see all of your email as it is not caching them all locally. When you go office.com online you see all the email in your inbox and sent items.

What you can do to get more email cached locally is to change your default account settings by opening Outlook.

Select “File”
Select ” Account Settings”
on the “Email” tab Highlight your Office 365 Exchange account and select “Change”

You can then revise the “Offline Settings” Cached offline settings by moving the slider as shown below:


Office 365 Saving Email Account Licenses and Money

Office 365 while not an expensive email hosting product, its costs can add up quickly as your company expands and/or you add service email accounts. Here is a way to save a few dollars on those special email accounts.

External send only email option: (copier)

First setup your free external service account email addresses. For example I like to use http://www.gmx.com/ because it is free and you can use it for SMTP relaying. In this example I will setup an email address for my copier to send from:


This will avoid using an office 365 account. I can then setup my copier to relay SMTP directly through GMX as shown below.


Note: you may need to open up SMTP from the copier to the outside. Additionally I would recommend you block SMTP from other IP addresses internally to avoid a malware infection that sends SMTP and blacklists your domain and IP.

Note: You may also need to whitelist or mark that email address as not junk. You can test the email address by composing and sending an email from the GMX.com inbox interface.

External forward account option: (domain email address for external board members)

In my example let’s say you have an external board member that does not receive email regularly however needs a domain address that you can forward to their main email address. For example accountant@yourdomain.com forwards to CPA@DoweyCheatemHowe.com without sharing the address CPA@DoweyCheatemHowe.com to the general public as your accountant.

To do so follow steps below “The solutions is you setup a contact in Office365 using these steps” and in the examples replace:

domainfacespace@gmx.com with the example CPA@DoweyCheatemHowe.com facespace@yourdomain.com with the example accountant@yourdomain.com

External temporary email account option: (temporary social media address)

First setup your free external service account email addresses. Again I like to use http://www.gmx.com/ because it is free. In this example I will setup an email address for me to relay my social media into.


Of course you want your social media or other address to have an email address that matches your domain and you many not want to publish domainfacespace@gmx.com

The solution is you setup a contact in Office365 using these steps:

Logon as Admin and on the right select the drop down on the right and select “Exchange” as shown below:


Select “recipients”, “contacts” and select “+” to add a new “Mail Contact


Enter in your information for the contact as shown in the example below and save. I recommend adding “External” or “External GMX” as the suffix. (You will see why in the next step)


Select “recipients”, “groups” and select “+” to add a new “Distribution Group


Now enter in your information as shown in the example below. By adding the “External”.. . on the previous step you can now use FaceSpace@yourdomain.com as the distribution email address. You will have to have an “Owner” for the group to add one click on the “+” to add one then scroll down.


After you scroll down you can now add the “Face Space External GMX” contact you just added as a member (recipient). Then select “Closed” for group membership options and save.


You can now receive email as FaceSpace@yourdomain.com and access it using the GMX console.