Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syspine Response Point – Modify the Gateway Module (DHCP)

If you have a base unit not using the gateway module this is how to turn it off: (if not it gives out DHCP…)

Using the buttons on the LCD panel:

   1. Press and hold [Enter] button until the display show ?LINE MODULE 1?

   2. Press [Down] button 2 times until it show ?SECURITY GATEWAY?

   3. Press [Enter] button

   4. Press [Down] button 2 times until it show ?SG MODULE ENABLE?

   5. Press [Right] button to change enable to disable

   6. Press and hold the [Enter] button until it show ?SYSTEM REBOOTING??

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

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