Thursday, February 20, 2014

Syspine Response Point – Base Unit Swap Instructions

First Create a backup of the defective unit by logging into the console (note the OS#) and clicking on the base unit tab and select backup.

Next check for IP schema: Verify IP and check DHCP server for possible reservation for base unit so new unit can be reassigned same IP.

Note: You can click on IP and arrow buttons on front panel of base unit for IP info.

Disconnect and place new unit. If OS version matches you will be able to restore. To restore restart response point admin > accept license> log onto console> change password>click on base unit tab> and select restore. (note the restore options) If not you do not have a matching OS and/or admin console version you will not be able to logon to console or restore.

You may have to upgrade old unit to restore backup

Go here for release as of today:

After restoring base unit you will need to redirect the clients one at a time and if necessary upgrade their response point interface as well.

Note: This may not be current, it is from my 2010 notes archives…

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