Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Change the IP Settings on Select Nortel IP Phones

Unplug the power from the phone Plug power back in and when you see “Nortel Networks” displayed in the panel press the square buttons from left to right as seen below. (Only do this once and wait!) “Nortel Networks” 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
You will then see the following which you will press “OK” button 1 repeatedly till you see “Manual Cfg” EAP Enable? [0-N,1-Y]:0 OK BKSpace Clear Cancel
In Manual config you can change the IP, Subnet Mask, or Gateway as required. In this Example I will change the Gateway To Change press the “BKSpace” button 2 and enter in the correct Gateway using the number pad Manual Cfg DEF GW: OK BKSpace Clear Cancel
Once finished repeatedly press “OK” button 1 until the phone exits the configuration and restarts It is normal for it to say “Waiting for Cfg Data…” and ignore any errors till it starts up. The only one that we should be concerned about is “Unable to find Server” which means it cannot access the internet or VPN properly so recheck your connection. The phones typically receive their config via Mac addresses… so IP schema changes locally should not impact the phones overall schema.

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