Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Domain Profile Migration (Domain to Domain)

This is the method I have used and had great success with so far:

Download User Profile Wizard 3 (free)


Or here http://www.forensit.com/domain-migration.html

Unpack and copy profwiz.exe to easy accessible location such as Netlogon or a flash drive

Log on as Administrator to the PC

(Run IPconfig release and renew as needed to verify grabbing DHCP and DNS properly)

Add system to the domain

Restart and log on as the Primary User

Log off and back on as Domain Administrator

Run Profwhiz

Open my computer and confirm the location of their old profile (check data dates)

When profwiz opens it will auto populate the domain uncheck add to the domain

Type in the default user and check that box >Next

Scroll through the list of profiles and find the old one you want (you can scroll left and right to verify path) Then click on the left side of that profile (SID info)

Use default settings> Next

This can take some time to complete

Log on as the default user to the PC reconfigure the Exchange settings as necessary including renaming NK2 to match profile they are now using.

Note The profile wizard does NOT move the profile it changes the registry to point to that profile. Which later can cause some confusion when determining which is in use. for example jimbob may be in use when there is a jimbob.domain listed in profiles just keep that in mind later.

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