Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Netstat to view open ports and applications

To determine what service/application is running on any open port

Open command prompt as Administrator and use the following netstat command to export to a easier to read and search txt file:

netstat -a -n -b >c:\portresults.txt

then open c:\portresults.txt and you will see:

Active Connections

  Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State           PID


For Example:

  TCP              LISTENING
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:139              LISTENING
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:58x0x       13x.25x.x34.232:443     ESTABLISHED
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:58x2x       13x.25x.x34.232:443     ESTABLISHED
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:60x8x       7x.94x.x71.4:443      ESTABLISHED
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:60x4x       7x.94x.x71.4:443        ESTABLISHED
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:62x2x       7x.94x.x71.4:443        TIME_WAIT
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:6x9x5       7x.94x.x71.4:443        ESTABLISHED
  TCP    10.xx.xx.112:6xx28       7x.94x.x71.4:443        ESTABLISHED

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