Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to import Ical calendar into Outlook 2016 as a new calendar

Open up the icloud.com website and log on

Select the Calendar

Once the Calendar loads select the broadcast icon on the right of the Calendar you wish to export as highlighted below:


Note: from here you can send out sharing requests as well

At the bottom of Calendar sharing select “Public Calendar” and “Email link” as highlighted below


Enter in email address and send invitation

Open email and view invitation


Open invitation when it asks what program to use select “Outlook”

Select Advanced and change “Calendar” to “Ical Import Calendar”

Uncheck list as user and apply

The calendar is now listed in outlook

Once the calendar is in outlook to move the calendar completely into Outlook as its own calendar.

highlight the “Ical Import Calendar” and in “view” tab in the top left corner select “Change View”.


Select List

Then you can select all and copy to the new outlook calendar.

Once you are done copying you can remove the “Ical Import Calendar” and change the view back to “Calendar”

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