Tuesday, March 5, 2013

SIM to MicroSIM Cutter How Not To

I am changing phones so have an older T-Moblle SIM. I saw a cellphone Sim Cutter online for $1.50 that is supposed to cut it down for use in a MicroSIM slot. I had a couple old ATT SIMS laying around to test with so figured what the heck..

So here is the $1.50 tool:


It comes with 5 adapter trays so your small MicroSIM can still be used in your original sized SIM device


So I read the instructions. The whole sentence and gave it a try. I centered my (Blue) ATT SIM in the cutter so none of the gold was cut which required a little cut on the outside edge with scissors to line up.

clip_image004 clip_image006

Strike One!

I attempted to use the now MicroSIM in my phone and it would not read it. What the one sentence instructions failed to mention is that you may need to cut off some of the gold. Note the Alignment of the cut one on the left to the factory one on the right.

clip_image007 clip_image009 clip_image011

Just for giggles I broke out my scissors and trimmed off the flat edge to make it more closely match the factory one and use it as a MicroSIM. Of course it would wiggle around and not work for normal use but again why not try it’s already broke.



It actually appeared to work. So had I used the original MicroSIM as an example it may have worked.

Next I wondered if the adapters worked. Strike 2! I put the original MicroSIM in and attempted to put in into my Iphone 3 tray and into the phone. It worked however as you can image the tray slides in one way the MicroSIM is in the other side of the adapter, so once you get it in it the Iphone it doesn’t exactly slide out. I thought I may have to take the phone apart but after some wiggling I was able to get it out.


Next I compared my T-Mobile Chip to the ATT Chip below and discovered the layout is completely different and I decided I was not going for my Third Strike. I will go to T-Mobile and buy a MicroSim instead. 


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