Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SBS2011–No Logon Server Available


Since this is typically your only domain controller this can be very disconcerting.

The SBS server will not allow domain admin logon

At boot up black screen you see a warning similar to:

Safe Mode: booting in directory services restore mode

Multiple restarts do not make the server boot normally

At the logon screen change user to:


Enter in your directory services restore password.

Note: If you have a local domain administrator with a logon of “administrator” it may not be the same password.

With the correct directory services restore password entered you should be able to logon to safe mode

go to Start> Run and type in MSConfig

Select the boot tab and change the startup from “safe mode” to “normal” save and exit.

Perform a system restart

The boot and logon process may take longer than normal but be patient your logon troubles may be behind you.

After a successful normal logon process I would recommend checking all services and make sure all it good then restart again just to make sure the issue does not return.

Credit- Charles Mix

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