Wednesday, November 14, 2012

HP600 Configuring Email Alerts


Access the printers web interface http://x.x.x.x

Configure SMTP first:

Go to” General”>”Alerts”> Select “Add” Outgoing E-mail Servers as shown below:


Enter in your SMTP servers address x.x.x.x as shown below:


Confirm Port and SSL required and select “Next” as shown below:


Select whether the server requires authentication or not as shown below:


Currently your Exchange server is set to not require authentication from this IP address

Uncheck AutoSend to HP and Next as shown below:


Enter in a test email address and click test to confirm connectivity as shown below:


You will then hopefully receive confirmation that it successfully sent:


Configure the Alerts:

Go to “General”>”Alerts” >”New Subscription” as shown below:


Name the Alert Subscription

Enter in the alert destination users or groups for example you can add multiples on this printer model

Select the alerts and scroll down to add any attachments such as “supplies status page” and select “OK” to apply, as shown in the example below:


You can now test your alerts by selecting the alert and clicking test as shown below:


You can select which test users you want to send to and add a Reply Address such as

Enter in any Notes such as TEST and select “OK” as shown below:


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