Monday, July 16, 2012

Veeam Backup VSS errors

VSS errors using Veeam backup:

To disable local VSS data

Log onto VM as Administrator

Open Command Prompt as Administrator
Use vssadmin at the command prompt:

c:\Vssadmin list shadows

Which showed me what drive was using VSS

In the GUI though the drive was listed as shadow copies off but it still was using storage for VSS files.
Re-enabled VSS for that drive then immediately disabled it again which deleted the old VSS files and set me back to 0% used.

Alternatively I probably could have used vssadmin to delete the VSS files as well using the 
c:\vssadmin Delete Shadows 
c:\vssadmin Delete Shadow Storage 

I ran a restart of COM+ services from services.mmc which restarted all the other dependencies as well.

I  then reran veeam backup job and no more VSS errors.

However if  the next backup fails with “failed to delete oib….”  you will need to recreate the job, but you should not get the VSS errors anymore.

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