Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RSA Basic Administration

ISA RSA Administration:

Using the Following for RSA VPN through ISA2006
· RSA 7.0 Management Console is installed on Server1
· RSA 6.1 Agent is installed on ISA2006 Server (Other Agents will not work on ISA2006)
· RSA 7.1 EAP Client is installed on VPN authorized Guest Systems

For Licensing and Main Administration Select the RSA Operations Console:
Log on using the RSA administrative credentials

For Users and Keyfob Administration Select the RSA Security Console:
Log on using the RSA administrative credentials

To add or manage a user :
From the Home Menu Select “Identity”> “Users” :

By default these queries are blank click “Search” at the bottom to run the query:

You can add a new user using the “Add New” button:

Fill in the user fields below and “Save”: 

Note the Password policy no @ or ~:

The new user will then be listed:

To add a key fob click on the arrow next to the user name and select SecurID Tokens:

Select “Assign Tokens”

Select the check box next to the token you want to assign and click “Assign”

You will then see a green checkmark alert that the token was successfully assigned:

To manage SecurID Tokens:
From the Home Menu Select “Authentication”> “SecurID Tokens”>”Manage Existing”:

You will see an Assigned and Unassigned Tab, on the Assigned tab you can see whom the key fob is assigned to as shown below:

To edit or unassign a token click on the arrow to the right of the token:

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