Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Windows 10 Network Binding Order

So you are using wireless or a physical connection on your Windows 10 system and you want to use one or the other as the default for gateway/WAN traffic routes.

I am plugged in at a sites physical connection working on the local network which goes through strict external routing/content rules. Those rules block me from using my remote access programs, Skype voice, Pandora…

I enable my wireless and use my Iphone hotspot or other MiFi device, however even though it connects, traffic by default is still (bound) routed to the physical connection.

Open Powershell as Administrator and run the following commands to locate your WiFi and Ethernet “ifIndex” (interfaceindex)

Review the results listed and revise the one you want to be the default gateway/WAN traffic routes “InterfaceMetric” to be the lowest number as shown below for the “Wifi” interface 7.

The command in the example below is:
set-netipinterface -interfaceindex “7” -InterfaceMetric “3”


Alternatively, you can revise the other to a higher number to change the order as well.

To confirm your setting saved simply run the “get-netipinterface” again to review status

Note: Remember this change is “Persistent” meaning it will stay this way till you change it. Your “ifindex” number may change, but the interface metric should stay.

CAUTION: Make sure using a mifi or other wireless device is not a violation of your companies compliance, security practices, and/or other policies.

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