Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Setup Static IP Passthrough on ATT Uverse

Problem: You are changing from DSL or other internet service to use Uverse for your business. You need to have an external facing IP address for email, website, remote access or other traffic.

Solution: First you should have an external facing firewall.  Second when you purchase your Uverse account make sure you specify that you need external Static IP addresses. Third follow the steps below:

Once the ATT installation technician relays to you your IP information including your usable addresses, Modem IP, subnet mask, and DNS information. Setup your externally facing firewall with one of the usable addresses using the new schema settings.

Once your external firewall is ready log onto the ATT Uverse Modem

Note: you will need the Access Code located on the label of the modem

Once on the router select “Firewall” >“IP Passthrough”

Select “Default Server” and enter in the IP address of your externally facing firewall and “Save” as shown below:


You will then be prompted to restart the modem which will take at least 2 minutes

This should open up ALL ports externally coming IN to that external IP address.

Warning: If do not have a firewall in place you have opened the flood gates.

You need to call ATT and have them open port 25 out if you are hosting an exchange or other SMTP email server as port 25 OUT is blocked by default.

Once they say port 25 is open you test by using telnet

Telnet 25


If you see the following SMTP may not be open. Try another domain or smarthost and ask ATT to run their test tool again to confirm 25 is open:


If you see the following connection is made then SMTP out is enabled:


Note: If using McAfee SAAS/MXLogic or other email filtering service you may need to change your inbound and outbound servers to match your new IP schema for EACH domain alias. The quickest way to change domains on McAfee Saas in “Email Protection Setup” for “Inbound Servers” and “Outbound Servers” is to click on the domain name on the right and a dropdown will appear to let you select your other domains.

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