Thursday, October 18, 2012

Brother MFC Get the most out of your Toner!


Here are the basics to get the most out of your toner:

Warning some of these settings and tips may void your warranty so “if you break it you bought it”

1) Replacement toner that is not new or a new official original replacement toner unit cannot reset the toner alert on the LCD. (if anyone knows a trick I don’t please post it)

2) Clean the corona wire whenever you replace the toner (green slide on the drum slide it back and forth a few times) (CAREFUL: only touch the outer plastic surfaces, oil from your skin can cause problems if you make contact with the toner and printer drum) (if you do make contact clean with a dry soft cloth immediately)

3) The toner alert will stop ALL printing if not set to “continue mode”. Always use Toner in the (Continue Mode) to use ALL of your toner. Each model’s menu may be a little different but you are probably looking for a “General Setup” “Replace Toner” setting in the menu. Option is usually “Stop” by default. “Continue” will let it keep printing. You’ll know when its time to replace when you don’t have full coverage.

4) Give it a gently rocking shake when it starts looking low. If any toner falls out clean it up with a soft dry cloth. If toner is dumping out do NOT install back in your printer.

5) If printer has an eco mode for printing. Unless you need the extra darkness of printing leave that on.

6) If you replace the drum with a NEW one reset it on the printer by opening the front cover, press clear with the cover open, and when the menu displays “new drum” select YES or NO as necessary. If you do this on an old Drum you can extend it’s life, however be careful as extra toner not fused to the paper floating around will cost more than a drum to clean up and repair.

7) Older toner cartridges have a clear cover on the left and right that is used by a sensor to determine if light passes through and thus indicating toner is low. This can be overridden by covering the senor with tape or filing in the clear cover with a black Sharpie.

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