Thursday, May 5, 2016

Add Exchange 2010 Attributes in Exchange-less local domain

Download Exchange 2010 installation files. You can download the trial here:

Before we begin I would recommend:
· Make sure you have a good backup of your AD and Server (test it)
· Restart your AD server to complete any pending updates, installers, …
· Run MS AD Replication Status Tool to make sure AD is ready

Extract the installer to C:\TempExch as shown below

clip_image002 clip_image003

Open up a Command Prompts as an Administrator and cd to C:\TempExch


Type setup /PrepareSchema or setup /ps


You will see a cancel Prompt for Unattended Setup (let it count down)


Files copied Organization Checks Completed and AD Schema extended:


Open up Active Directory Users and Computers, Select “View”, Select “Advanced Features” as shown below:


Now when you edit the properties of a user you can edit added Exchange Attributes from the “Attributes Editor” without ADSIedit as shown below:


The same is also true for distribution groups:



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