Saturday, January 5, 2013

Installing VMWare View Patch 4.6.2 in 4.6.0 environment:

Here is the security advisory with links to downloads and release notes:

The documentation I found was a bit confusing it kept referencing full scale upgrades rather than patch deployment. While those docs did reference a lot of verify this and that and backup this and that I will assume you know your environment and have backups for your backups, snapshots,… as I did before I started.

Out of curiosity I used my golden image that had the 4.6.0 agent to create a new pool upgrading it to the 4.6.2 agent, without making any other changes to my environment such as the connection server. I found that it worked fine in my configuration. So I changed that to the default pool and moved my users over to the 4.6.2 agent on their VDI’s. Worse case if anything went south I would reconnect to the old 4.6.0 agent pool.

I have no security server in this environment so I was able to skip that step.

On View connection Server I ran an additional backup by going to the View Administrator Console
Expanding “View Configuration”> Select “Servers”:


To the right on the View Connection Servers I highlighted my server and selected Backup now as shown below:


After hours I then made snapshots of my VCenter and View Connection servers.

Once the snapshot completed I closed the View Administrator and ran the installation on my View Connection Server.

Note: Other documentation I found referenced stopping services… but in my single Connection Server environment that was not necessary the installation stopped and started the services as required.

“VMware-viewconnectionserver-4.6.2-916912” for my 64 bit environment

I then logged back onto the View Administrator Console confirmed all was ok and the version was listed as 4.6.2-916912 and thoroughly tested my View Agent connectivity. Then I cleaned up my snapshots. No upgrade task was required on VCenter.

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